"That's Life" New Single Release

2019 has been a busy year musically so far. June saw the release of the new single "That's Life" which is a song that reflects on the day-to-day. The song transitions through optimism through to nostalgia and hints at enjoying the moment.

The Song is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and many other streaming platforms.

Marlon King
Monday August 19, 2019


Marlon King is a singer-songwriter from Maidstone, South-east England. Graduating with a degree in music and trained in classical guitar and piano from an early age, Marlon is passionate about music to say the least.

Whether playing various acoustic guitar styles such as flamenco and bossa-nova; or playing electric guitar in bands Sons of Alpha Centauri and Yawning Sons. Marlon has a diverse set of playing and songwriting skills.

He is also a bit of a techy, so enjoys getting involved in the music creation side. Quite often recording and mixing a lot of the songs he writes.

You can listen to Marlon King online via Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Apple music and many more.